FR4 Hybrid Circuit Board with 0.1mm Min. Line White Silkscreen

Place of Origin China
Brand Name JIETENG
Model Number PCB circuit board
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Blank carton, vacuum packed
Delivery Time 5-8 working day
Payment Terms Negotiable
Supply Ability 360000 square meters / year

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Product Details
Test Flying Probe Test Surface Finish HASL
Silkscreen Color White Min. Hole Size 0.25mm
Board Thickness 1.6mm Material FR4
Type Hybrid Min. Line Width 0.1mm
High Light

White Silkscreen Hybrid Circuit Board


0.1mm Hybrid Circuit Board


FR4 Hybrid Circuit Board

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Hybrid Circuit Board product represents a significant leap forward in the realm of electronic components, combining state-of-the-art fabrication techniques with the robustness required for a wide array of applications. As the name suggests, Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards are a fusion of different materials that are skillfully integrated into a single unit to meet the specific electrical and thermal performance requirements that standard PCBs cannot fulfill. Our 2-Layer Hybrid Circuit Boards are expertly designed to accommodate the complexities of modern electronic devices while ensuring reliability and efficiency.

One of the core attributes of our Hybrid Circuit Board is the Impedance Control capability. Impedance control is crucial for maintaining signal integrity, especially in high-speed designs where even minor discrepancies can result in significant signal degradation. With our precise impedance control, designers can rest assured that their circuits will perform consistently, and high-speed signals will be transmitted with minimal loss. This is particularly important in applications where timing and synchronization are critical, such as in advanced computing and telecommunications systems.

Our Hybrid Circuit Boards are also designed with a minimum hole size of 0.25mm, allowing for high-density interconnections. This fine level of detail ensures that a greater number of components can be mounted on the board, thereby maximizing space and enhancing the overall functionality of the device. The small hole size also supports the use of advanced component packages, such as BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays), which are essential for modern, compact electronic assemblies.

In tandem with the small hole size, our Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards boast a minimum line spacing of 0.1mm. This tight line spacing allows for more traces per unit area, enabling complex circuit designs without increasing the board size. The ability to support dense routing is a key factor for miniaturization, allowing products to become smaller, lighter, and more portable without compromising their performance. This is particularly advantageous for handheld devices, wearables, and other space-constrained applications.

The 2-Layer structure of our Hybrid Circuit Boards provides an optimal balance between complexity and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing two conductive layers, our boards offer sufficient routing space for moderately complex circuits while remaining a cost-efficient choice for both prototyping and mass production. The two-layer design is often suitable for a wide range of applications, including power supplies, LED lighting, and consumer electronics, where the simplicity of design can translate into reduced manufacturing time and costs.

The Type: Hybrid attribute of our boards refers to the unique composition of materials used in their construction. Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards can include a combination of traditional FR4 material with other advanced substrates like polyimide, PTFE (Teflon), or ceramics. This hybridization allows for customized thermal management, improved mechanical strength, and tailored dielectric properties, which are essential for high-power, high-frequency, or temperature-sensitive electronics. By selecting the appropriate materials, our Hybrid Circuit Boards can be optimized for specific applications, whether it's to withstand harsh environments or to achieve the highest levels of electrical performance.

In summary, our Hybrid Circuit Boards are a premium choice for designers and engineers seeking advanced solutions for their electronic projects. By offering Impedance Control, a minimum hole size of 0.25mm, a tight minimum line spacing of 0.1mm, and a versatile 2-Layer structure, these Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards are ready to meet the challenges of today's demanding electronics industry. The hybrid material approach further enhances the adaptability of these boards, ensuring that they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any application. As technology continues to evolve, our Hybrid Circuit Board product stands ready to support the next generation of electronic innovations.



  • Product Name: Hybrid Circuit Board
  • Copper Thickness: 1oz
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Surface Finish: HASL
  • Board Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Keyword: Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards
  • Keyword: Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards
  • Keyword: Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Material FR4
Product Name Hybrid Circuit Board
Min. Hole Size 0.25mm
Board Thickness 1.6mm
Test Flying Probe Test
Silkscreen Color White
Surface Finish HASL
Min. Line Spacing 0.1mm
Copper Thickness 1oz
Layer 2-Layer


The JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board, with its model number PCB circuit board, stands at the cutting-edge of electronic component technology. Originating from China, this product is a testament to the precision engineering with a minimum line spacing of 0.1mm and a minimum hole size of 0.25mm, ensuring high-density interconnectivity and superior performance. The white silkscreen color provides a stark contrast for easy identification and troubleshooting. Its type - Hybrid - signifies a combination of different materials or technologies to achieve optimum functionality.

Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) by JIETENG are particularly suited for a variety of applications where reliability and performance are paramount. These scenarios include but are not limited to aerospace and defense systems, where the hybrid technology offers the resilience required in extreme conditions. In such high-stress environments, the JIETENG PCB circuit board ensures uninterrupted performance, withstanding the rigors of both high-altitude pressures and temperature variances.

In the medical industry, the precision of Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards is indispensable. Medical devices demand high reliability and compact design, and the JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board meets these requirements with ease. Its small feature size is perfect for intricate medical electronics used in hospital equipment, diagnostic devices, and wearable health monitors, ensuring patient safety and the integrity of critical medical data.

Within the realm of consumer electronics, the application of Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards is expansive. From smartphones to high-definition televisions, the JIETENG model provides the necessary robustness and connectivity for complex, multi-layered circuits that power today's smart devices. Moreover, the automotive industry benefits from the hybrid technology in vehicle electronic systems, where durability and long-term reliability are essential for safety and performance in varying driving conditions.

Telecommunications infrastructure is another key area where the JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board is indispensable. With the proliferation of 5G technology and the increasing demand for faster data transmission, these PCBs facilitate the operation of high-speed network equipment, ensuring seamless communication and operational efficiency.

To sum up, the JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board is a versatile component that is fundamental in the advancement of various high-tech industries. Whether it's in aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, automotive, or telecommunications, the JIETENG PCB circuit board is the backbone of innovation, reliability, and performance.



Discover the pinnacle of technological innovation with JIETENG's Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards. Offering unparalleled precision and quality, our Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards are engineered to meet the modern demands of the electronics industry. Each PCB circuit board, originating from China, is crafted to perfection, featuring a Hybrid design that integrates multiple technologies for high-performance applications.

Model Number: PCB circuit board - a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our Hybrid Printed Wiring Board boasts a minimum line width and spacing of 0.1mm, ensuring intricate designs are realized with utmost accuracy. The robust copper thickness of 1oz guarantees durability and efficient signal transmission.

Quality assurance is at the core of JIETENG's ethos, which is why every Hybrid Circuit Board undergoes a rigorous Flying Probe Test to ensure flawless functionality. Trust in the expertise of JIETENG for your Hybrid Printed Wiring Boards needs.


Support and Services:

The Hybrid Circuit Board is a cutting-edge product designed to deliver superior performance and reliability for a wide range of applications. Our technical support services are geared towards ensuring that you get the most out of your product. We offer comprehensive assistance, including troubleshooting, technical guidance, and product integration support. Our team of experts is well-versed in the complexities of hybrid circuit technology and is ready to provide you with the necessary support to address any technical challenges you may face. Additionally, we provide a suite of services to help maintain the longevity and efficiency of your Hybrid Circuit Board, ensuring that it continues to operate at peak performance levels.


Packing and Shipping:

The Hybrid Circuit Board is meticulously packaged to ensure its protection during transit. Each board is encased in an anti-static bag, which guards against electrostatic discharges that could damage the sensitive electronic components. The bag is then cushioned with foam inserts that fit snugly within a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box, providing additional shock absorption. To maintain the integrity of the circuit connections, the box is sealed with reinforced tape and clearly marked as 'Fragile' to ensure careful handling.

Our shipping department takes great care to ensure your Hybrid Circuit Board arrives in perfect condition. We use reliable courier services that provide tracking information, so you can monitor your package's journey to your doorstep. Upon dispatch, an email with the tracking details will be sent to you. We recommend inspecting the package upon arrival and contacting us immediately if there are any concerns with the product's condition due to shipping. Our goal is to guarantee that your Hybrid Circuit Board is delivered promptly and securely.



Q1: What is the brand name for the Hybrid Circuit Board?

A1: The brand name for the Hybrid Circuit Board is JIETENG.

Q2: Can you provide the model number for the JTETENG Hybrid Circuit Board?

A2: Yes, the model number for the JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board is "PCB circuit board".

Q3: Where is the JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board manufactured?

A3: The JIETENG Hybrid Circuit Board is manufactured in China.

Q4: Is the JIETENG PCB circuit board suitable for high-temperature applications?

A4: Yes, the JIETENG PCB circuit board is designed to withstand various temperature ranges. However, you should check the specific thermal specifications for your application.

Q5: Can the JIETENG PCB circuit board be customized according to specific design requirements?

A5: Yes, JIETENG offers customization options for the PCB circuit board to fit specific design and application needs. Please contact customer service with your requirements for more information.