Thin High Frequency PCBs Board Precise Traces Copper Range 1-4oz Layer 2-10 high tg

Place of Origin China
Brand Name JIETENG
Model Number high frequency circuit
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Blank carton, vacuum packed
Delivery Time 5-8 working day
Payment Terms Negotiable
Supply Ability 360000 square meters / year

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Product Details
Layer 2-10 Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Etc.
Board Thickness 0.2-3.2mm Min Hole Size 0.2mm
Packaging Vacuum Packing, Bubble Bag, Carton Box, Etc. Min Trace Width/Space 3/3mil
Silk Screen Color White, Black, Yellow, Etc. Copper Thickness 4oz
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Precise Traces High Frequency PCBs


Thin Board High Frequency PCBs


2-10 Layer High Frequency PCBs

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Product Description

Product Description:

Our High-Frequency Printed Boards have a minimum trace width/space of 3/3mil, allowing for high precision and accuracy in your designs. You can choose from a range of silk screen colors including White, Black, Yellow, and more, allowing you to customize your board even further.

The minimum hole size for our High-Frequency Printed Boards is 0.2mm, ensuring that you can accommodate even the smallest components. These boards are perfect for high-speed and high-performance applications, including telecommunications, aerospace, and medical equipment.

Our High-Frequency Printed Boards are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product every time. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we can produce these boards quickly and efficiently, allowing you to meet your project deadlines with ease.

In summary, our High-Speed Printed Boards are the perfect solution for high-speed and high-performance applications that require precision and accuracy. With a range of options available, including solder mask colors, board thickness, trace width/space, silk screen colors, and minimum hole sizes, you can customize your board to meet your exact requirements.



  • Product Name: High-Frequency Printed Boards
  • Copper Thickness: 1-4oz
  • Solder Mask Color: Green, Blue, White, Black, Etc.
  • Min Trace Width/Space: 3/3mil
  • Surface Finish: HASL, ENIG, OSP, Etc.
  • Silk Screen Color: White, Black, Yellow, Etc.
``` ``` High-Frequency Circuit Boards are designed to handle high-speed and high-frequency signals. The High Frequency PCBs are also known as High-Performance Printed Circuit Boards. These boards are designed with the latest technology and have copper thickness of 1-4oz. High-Frequency Printed Boards come with different solder mask colors such as Green, Blue, White, Black, Etc. The minimum trace width and space of these boards are 3/3mil. They are available in different surface finishes like HASL, ENIG, OSP, Etc. The silk screen colors of these boards are White, Black, Yellow, Etc.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Options
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Etc.
Silk Screen Color White, Black, Yellow, Etc.
Solder Mask Color Green, Blue, White, Black, Etc.
Packaging Vacuum Packing, Bubble Bag, Carton Box, Etc.
Impedance Control ±10%
Board Thickness 0.2-3.2mm
Min Hole Size 0.2mm
Copper Thickness 1-4oz
Layer 2-10
Material FR4

High-Performance Printed Boards, High-Performance Circuit Boards, and High-Frequency Printed Boards are available with various technical parameters as listed in the table above.



One of the key applications for our high-performance printed boards is in the manufacture of high-frequency printed circuit boards. These specialized boards are designed to operate at high frequencies, making them ideal for a range of applications in the telecommunications, aerospace, and defense industries. With our high-quality PCB circuit board, you can be confident that your high-frequency printed circuit boards will perform reliably and efficiently.

Our PCB circuit board is also an excellent choice for use in a range of other applications. For example, these durable and reliable boards are perfect for use in consumer electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They can also be used in industrial equipment, such as robotics and automation systems, as well as in medical devices and other high-tech applications.

One of the key features of our PCB circuit board is its material. Made from high-quality FR4, these boards are designed to withstand high temperatures and other harsh conditions. This makes them ideal for use in a range of challenging environments, from industrial manufacturing plants to aerospace facilities.

Our PCB circuit board also comes in a range of solder mask colors, including green, blue, white, black, and more. This allows you to choose the ideal color for your specific application, whether you are designing a consumer electronics product or an industrial system.

Finally, our PCB circuit board comes packaged in a range of options, including vacuum packing, bubble bag, and carton box. This ensures that your boards arrive in perfect condition, ready to be used in your next project.

With our high-quality JTETENG brand PCB circuit board, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible product for your needs. Whether you are designing a high-frequency printed circuit board or a consumer electronics device, our boards are the perfect choice for your next project.



At JIETENG, we offer custom product customization services for our High-Performance Printed Circuit Boards. Our Model Number PCB circuit board is made with precision and quality in mind, and we pride ourselves on offering a product that is reliable and durable. Our High-Performance Printed Boards are manufactured in China and are designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

With our custom product customization services, you can customize your High-Performance Circuit Boards to meet your specific needs. We offer Impedance Control of ±10%, Min Trace Width/Space of 3/3mil, Board Thickness of 0.2-3.2mm, and Copper Thickness of 1-4oz.

In addition, we offer a range of Solder Mask Colors to choose from including Green, Blue, White, Black, and more. Whether you need a custom design or a standard PCB layout, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a product that meets your needs.


Support and Services:

Our High Frequency PCBs are designed with exceptional technical specifications to meet the demands of high-frequency applications. Our experienced engineers use advanced software and testing equipment to ensure that each board meets strict standards for performance and reliability.

We offer a range of technical support and services to assist with the design and manufacturing of High Frequency PCBs, including:

  • Design and layout assistance
  • Material selection guidance
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Prototype fabrication and testing
  • Volume production
  • Quality control and testing

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and technical support throughout the entire product development process. Contact us to learn more about our High Frequency PCBs and technical support services.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for High Frequency PCBs:

  • All High Frequency PCBs will be packed in anti-static bags.
  • The anti-static bags will be placed in a bubble wrap envelope for extra protection.
  • The bubble wrap envelope will be placed in a cardboard box with foam inserts for added stability during shipping.

Shipping Information for High Frequency PCBs:

  • All High Frequency PCBs will be shipped via a trusted courier service.
  • The courier service will provide a tracking number for the shipment.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery within the United States.
  • For international orders, delivery times may vary depending on the destination country's customs process.
  • Customers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes that may apply to their shipment.